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Welcome to Cash Flow in Retirement

Preparing You for the Lifestyle You Have in Mind

Let’s Have a Preliminary Discussion

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Will Your Cash Flow Be Enough To Support Your Retirement Goals?

There’s nothing more daunting than anticipating life after your career. And, for many Canadians, there is an added concern of how to handle their CPP and the details involved. At Cash Flow in Retirement, we'll work to align your current circumstances with your long-term aspirations.

For years, I’ve served the greater Toronto area by bringing asset development and protection together to address the bigger financial picture at hand. Often, the discussion leads to what role insurance plays in financial planning and options for you to ponder. Financial planning should support personal pursuits and your cash flow for the years ahead.

A Relationship That Prioritizes

Your Long-Term Objectives Through:


As your advisor, my goal is to help arrange your sources of income to be both tax-effective and reliable for you and your spouse throughout your retirement years. Through consistent communication and understanding your risk tolerance, I will earn your trust and confidence. For example, I do not charge for my time with you if you ask me to manage your retirement assets. Also, there are no charges on deposits or withdrawals to the funds I will recommend to you.

Straightforward Strategies

The projections that I develop and discuss with you will provide you with a roadmap showing how your income meets your retirement living costs. As changes in performance of your invested assets and your expenses occur we will discuss any changes that make sense to you.

Education & Guidance

It is critical that we discuss how you and your spouse visualize retirement. Some want to give back at least some time and perhaps even donate some funds to a charity or non-profit. Our clients have taken extensive cooking courses, learned the intricacies of woodworking, traveled the world and more. No matter your goals, we’ll guide you to achieve them.

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Hear From Those Who Have Worked With Us

"David, you are an outstanding agent.

Thanks very much for persevering in solving the various underwriting issues for us.

We are also grateful for your analysis of the steps and recommendations that our family needs to consider on restructuring corporately so we can deal with succession issues including using multiple wills. Your outline will be a useful guide as we undertake the next steps with our legal advisors."

- D.R.M., March 5, 2019

"I had the privilege of working closely with David over the past several months on a class project for the Family Enterprise Advisor program. David was largely responsible for preparing the template for the interviews with the members of a family-owned business, assisting with the design and development of our class presentation and motivating the team with respect to meeting our presentation deadline.

His positive attitude, eagerness to get our project done on a collaborative process and work ethic were infectious. David was a key component to our team’s success."

- Paul H. Mascard, Senior Vice President
Wellington-Altus Private Counsel Inc.
46 Wellington St. East Aurora, ON L4G 1H5

"For many years my wife and I have looked to David for our personal insurance and investment needs. His knowledge and explanation of financial planning including the tax implications and his interest in our own plans has always been foremost in considering our options.

The result is that we are confident that our retirement and risk issues have been regularly and carefully considered."

- Michael J. Horner

"David has been my life insurance and investment advisor for decades. I have found him to be focused always on what’s best for my family and me, and to be responsive, caring and an advisor who looks after our retirement and immediate needs."

- Esmonde (Gamo) Klass, President
Phase II Motor Car Company

"As a young single professional, I have found that David's insurance and investment advice is comprehensive and easily understood. We meet regularly to review my situation and he provides a complete written report twice every year on the performance of my investments. David’s explanations are clear and he is always available for any questions I may have about my situation."

- Kevin Cameron

"David has looked after our benefits program since our inception many years ago. His service delivery is excellent. David's interest in our business is always present and is both genuine and very welcome."

- Melissa Austria, Founder & CEO
Gotstyle Menswear

"I had my retirement savings, insurance and investments managed by different parties and found great benefit in consolidating my income-generating assets under David's management.

In addition to his in-depth knowledge, it allowed us to manage my portfolio in the context of the entire spectrum."

- Carson O'Neill, Founder
Rincroft Inc. Consultants
Acquisitions & Divestitures


See for Yourself

What It Means To Work With David

Let’s Connect

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