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Should I look for ESG-compliant funds?

"ESG” refers to compliance with environmental, social and corporate governance norms. Publicly listed corporations, and both bond and equity mutual funds are increasingly being measured on their actions in meeting performance expectations in these three areas. 

Mackenzie Funds (54 years old) recently surveyed Canadians and found that:

.55% of investors were “more likely to consider the positive impact they can make on society through their investing decisions."

.69% feel that investing in a sustainable manner is increasingly important. 

.nearly one third said they plan to increase their ESG holdings within the next two years while another third plan to add ESG funds to their portfolios. 

Mackenzie Funds commented that 73% of sustainable funds "outperformed their category peers...for the 2020 calendar year." 


Increasingly, public companies are reporting on their progress dealing with ESG issues such as board and senior management diversity, achieving zero carbon output and stands on the actions of governments that seem to be troubling such as currently proposed laws to impose voting restrictions in many US states. 

My own research shows that several funds meet ESG standards and generate above average performance. The portfolio managers who purchase stocks from ESG-compliant companies are producing good results year over year for investors. I expect these results to grow with wider adoption of ESG standards.

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