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Retirement Planning Services
for Toronto

That Addresses Who You Are & What You Have in Mind

Most Canadians think about retirement planning before they need to retire. Those who take the time to work with an advisor to develop a financial plan before retirement will deal with many aspects of this stage in life early. Visualizing your retirement should be enjoyable and inevitably will prompt thoughts about how to fund it.

If you live in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area, contact Cash Flow in Retirement to make sure that your retirement plan works for the lifestyle you intend to have after you retire.

Plan for Retirement

At Cash Flow in Retirement, our greatest concern is making sure you can live a comfortable life after you're no longer working. We will meet with you to discuss your goals, and then we'll check to see if your current retirement plan can meet them.

We'll provide you with a year-by-year projection to ensure that you can have the cash flow you want in retirement, and if your goals and the projection don't align, we'll guide you through your options.

Follow Rules and Regulations

Because of our decades of experience, access to tax and estate planning resources, and time spent in the industry as a lawyer, agency owner, and advisor, you will benefit from a unique perspective and a financial planning approach that includes efficient use of products to limit taxation, avoid costs, and steer clear of delays wherever possible.

Get Support

Whether you're feeling lost in your financial planning or you just have a few questions, our resources and experience at Cash Flow in Retirement will provide you with the advice and the action you need to take to make your financial plan real and reliable for years to come.

Our Toronto-based financial planning services include a projection that will show you the year-by-year income taxes payable and the ultimate taxes due when your assets transfer to your inheritors. Our financial plan will show you how the sources of cash flow are best arranged to minimize your taxes and preserve your assets.

The financial plan developed here in Toronto will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how your sources of income can meet your retirement lifestyle.

We'll keep you in the know about what taxes will be like depending on your retirement assets and your intended date of retirement, and we'll recommend adjustments to make the plan achievable.

To learn more about our retirement planning services, fill out our contact form.

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How Do You Envision Your Lifestyle Once Retirement Begins?

You’ll find that our relationship starts by learning about who you are and what you want - now and in the future. By painting a picture of what you’d like your life to look like and the goals you hope to achieve, we’ll reach a common understanding of what you want for the years ahead. Your cash flow will be designed to coincide with your goals with the flexibility to adjust as necessary. 

Our Full-Service Solutions Incorporate:

Cash Flow Planning

Retirement Planning

Tax-Effective Strategies

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Let’s Transform Your Wealth Into Tangible Long-Term Goals

Whether you have plans to travel, build your dream home or leave a lasting legacy, our goal is to apply true meaning to the wealth you’ve earned. Instead of fearing your retirement chapter, we will work together to help you feel confident in your success and navigate any bumps along the way.

Already in retirement and wish to discuss your situation? Contact me to learn how I can help.

Let’s Discuss the Cost

Typically, my clients prefer that I manage their liquid investments to meet their retirement cash flows, starting from the time of our first meeting. In these cases, my cash flow projection work is without charge; I am instead compensated by fees from the assets I manage. If you prefer to self-invest or leave the investment with your existing manager, the projection work is $1,500.

Interested in Learning More?

Discover the Process to Get Started

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